Welcome to Deepdene Care Home, Dorking, Surrey

ABOUT Deepdene

Deepdene is a modern purpose built Nursing Home, tastefully decorated, providing a warm friendly environment for its residents. It is registered with the Care Quality Commission and is in easy reach of local shops, major road routes A25, A24, and M25. Please feel free to visit or telephone at any time for viewing and advice.

Nursing Care

Experienced registered nurses and care assistants, selected for their skills, operate a 24 hour service, delivering a high standard of nursing care to suit the individual. An experienced Manager supervises the day to day running of the home and ensures that the care delivered encompasses social, physical, psychological and environmental needs.


The home is designed to provide a secure and safe environment. Lifts provide access to the residents rooms which are arranged over three floors. All bedrooms have en-suite facilities, and are equipped with telephone and television point. Residents are very welcome to bring personal possessions, such as a favourite table, chair and ornaments. There are a variety of lounge areas, some with TV s where residents can entertain family and friends and some for more quiet enjoyment. There is also a secure garden area.


Individual care plans enable staff to continually monitor each resident's progress and general health. This is monitored by our Quality Assured procedures, which have an ongoing review, to ensure the care provisions meet the needs of the individual.

Activities & Meals

A wide range of activities to suit our residents are catered for including group and individual based interests and hobbies. Our activities organiser ensures there is a varied programme for social and leisure pursuits. Our experienced chef produces appetising, home-style food with seasonal ingredients. At Deepdene we endeavour to meet all cultural and personal preferences, our chef is also happy to incorporate service user's favourite dishes into the menu.


A multi-sensory room which has been carefully designed to aid relaxation for our residents, either individually, or in the company of carers or relatives. A well equipped hairdressing salon. Garden and courtyard area where residents can relax when the weather allows. Meals are freshly prepared by our full time chef and are served in separate dining rooms. A vriety of diets can be catered for and the manager/chef would be happy to discuss your needs. There are 2 activity rooms where residents are welcome to participate alongside the activities organisers. On site laundry services are provided.


Visitors are welcome at any time, to our " home from home". Meals can be taken in one of the dining rooms or in the privacy of their own room. Laundry services are provided by our housekeeping team.


Apr 06th, 2017

The Fox And The Volunteer

Deepdene Care Home mens outing at The Fox. Every time they go out they cant wait for the next one that means that they really enjoy the outing every time...
And again... Men outing at "The Volunteer " pub lunch.They enjoyed every minute, chating with each other...

Apr 06th, 2017

Indian Party

Indian party at Deepdene Care Home. An unforgotten event, staff wore indian wear, indian food was by our chef Sam. A lot of relatives came to join us, there was a lot of dancing with residents. They can't wait for the next one which is going to be an african party next month...

Apr 06th, 2017

Moctail Party And Roll Out The Barrel

Moctail Party and Roll Out The Barrel at Deepdene Care Home. It was an amazing day having songs dancing and drinking moctails made by Eden.

Apr 04th, 2017

Joseph's Birthday Cake

The Deepdene Care Home celebrating Joseph's birthday with relatives and staff...

Mar 10th, 2017

Deepdene Newsletter

See whats been happening at Deepdene by clicking on this News PDF...

Mar 01st, 2017

Lovely Dog Simba

Just looking at these photos you can understand how happy our residents are at Deepdene Care Home, having in their arms the lovely dog Simba. The dog therapy that makes them forget everything...

Mar 01st, 2017

John's Birthday Celebrations

John's birthday celebrations with staff at Deepdene Care Home...

Mar 01st, 2017

Dolphin Pub And Chesington Garden Centre Trips

Deepdene Care Home's men lunch outing at the Dolphin Pub, Betchworth. They enjoyed their favourite food and drinks. The Ladies lunch outing at Chesington Garden Center.

Feb 21st, 2017

Nrewsletter For Deepdene

This is the first Newsletter for 2017. This Newsletter will update you on the highlights of the month.

Feb 01st, 2017

Garden Centre And Lunch Trip

The best way to enjoy a beautiful day is to spend it at Veneries garden centre at Gr Bookham eating lunch with the ladies from Deepdene Care Home at Dorking...

Feb 01st, 2017

Nick Ross Orchestra Trip

It was a beautiful evening for Deepdene Care Home residents Bill, Fred, and Lawrence at the Dorking Halls listening to the Nick Ross Orchestra and enjoying their favourite drinks...

Feb 01st, 2017

Dancing And Singing With The Carers

Entertainment in Deepdene Care Home never ends. It's wonderful when we see our residents so happy. They really enjoyed an afternoon with Lance the pianist playing old music for them and enjoying Christie's songs by dancing and singing with the carers. It was National Green juice day, we served drinks made of green vegetables from our chef...

Jan 18th, 2017

Lunch Out At The Grumpy Mole In Brockam

It was snowing outside while Deepdene Care Home residents were enjoying a nice lunch out at Grumpy Mole in Brockam...

Jan 10th, 2017

New Year Entertainment

Entertainment at Deepdene Care Home...

Jan 06th, 2017

Flower Arranging

Flower arranging at Deepdene Care Home...

Jan 03rd, 2017

CQC Inspection (Unannounced)

Deepdene Care Home have recently had an CQC Inspection (Unannounced) and they are proud to announce that they have received “Good" feed back in all aspects. CQC report to be updated shortly.
We would like to thank all the staff at Deepdene Care Home for all their hard work.

Dec 24th, 2016

Carols For Christmas

Carols for Christmas offered by a resident's relatives, John Stewart and Ben Ashood that took place at Deepdene Care Home...

Dec 22nd, 2016

Stanley Lane's 100th Birthday

Deepdene Care Home resident Stanley Lane's 100th birthday celebration...

Dec 21st, 2016

Therapy Provided By Linlay

Music therapy provided by Linlay at Deepdene Care Home...

Dec 20th, 2016

Mariachi Show Sponsored By A Resident's Relative

Mariachi show sponsored by a resident's relative, Keith Girling that took place on the 20th December at Deepdene Care Home...

Nov 21st, 2016

Music And Dancing At Deepdene Care Home

Deepdene Care Home really do enjoy their music and dancing entertainment. Thank you Ruth and Albina and Laura...

Nov 20th, 2016

Remembrance Sunday...

Deepdene Care Home decorated their home appropriately and then settled down in the lounges to watch the Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph on the television.

Nov 18th, 2016

Eggheads Set A New Record

We are the Deepdene Care Home eggheads and have set a new record for our quiz sessions. On Wednesday 16th November 2016 we answered 625 questions in one session with a 95% accuracy.

Well done chaps... Indeed a very proud achievement!

Nov 18th, 2016

Dorking Museum's Lovely Trip Down "Memory Lane"

Thank you from us all at Deepdene Care Home to Dorking Museum for the lovely trip down "memory lane".... We had a memorable experience. Please come again soon.

Nov 07th, 2016

Bonfire Cakes With Firework Candles

Deepdene Care Home celebrated Guy Fawkes with a wonderful display enjoyed by their residents from the comfort of the warm indoors. They were captivated by the great exploding rockets and other colourful cascading fireworks, sorry they couldn't catch the rockets on camera.

Then they went to supper and Chef Sam baked "bonfire cakes with firework candles" for dessert, perfect end to their celebrations!

Thank you care staff for making the residents entertainment so much fun...

Nov 07th, 2016

Trickery With Robbie The Magician

Lots of fun and trickery with Robbie the magician, and of course his gorgeous rabbit stole the show and everybody's heart at Deepdene Care Home...

Nov 01st, 2016

How Deepdene Care Home Celebrated Halloween...

They wore the right hats.

They arranged the flowers accordingly.

They decorated the mantle pieces.

They ate the sweets and chocolates and popped the party poppers.

Last but not least... Chef Sam spoiled them with yummy Halloween decorated cupcakes.

Oct 27th, 2016

Lance The Amazing Pianist

When Lance the amazing pianist, delights Deepdene Care Home with his brilliant piano skills, music history info and plays their favorite music requests the residents break out in song and dance... pure pleasure for their residents.

Oct 18th, 2016

Deepdene Fun

Some of the fun Deepdene Care Home have been getting up to lately.

The gentleman's club went "clubbing" at one of their favorite places.

"Kat" had almost everybody on their feet singing and dancing...


Elvis was back in the building by popular demand...

Sep 20th, 2016

Lovebirds Flo and Rocky love to sing-a-long

Deepdene Care Home resident 'lovebirds Flo and Rocky' who love to sing-a-long during our entertainment shows and love to 'chat to residents'

Sep 19th, 2016

Meeting Retired RAF Squadron Leader

Deepdene Care Home outing meeting retired RAF Squadron Leader

Sep 19th, 2016

Our Favourite Things

"a few of our favourite things" here at Deepdene Care Home in Dorking...


Getting our hair done

Flower arranging sessions

Having fun with great entertainment

Chef spoiling us


Quizzes and trivia club - our resident "Eggheads"

Sep 02nd, 2016

Standing Ovation At Deepdene Care Home

Standing ovation and very happy residents at Deepdene Care Home... Margaret you are FABULOUS!

Aug 29th, 2016

Summer Fair And Lively Rock And Roll

Deepdene Care Home had fun and laughter at their Summer Fair on Sunday 28th August. Relatives joined loved ones for an outdoor picnic of English food and drinks...

Then a lively rock and roll singing and dancing duo entertained us with fabulous songs and energetic dancing. Keith, one of our residents didn't want to sit down but decided to jive to the music with one of our care staff... thankyou Christie and Tom!

Lots of browsing was done and items bought at our stall. Several raffles were drawn and great prizes were won...

It was a good day...

Aug 23rd, 2016

Birthday's And Music At Deepdene Care Home

Keith (one of Deepdene Care Home's residents) celebrated his birthday recently with his family and great entertainment...

Xavier the Mariachi singer came back by special request to entertain, especially the ladies. He is always great fun to have in the house...

Aug 23rd, 2016

More Great Entertainment At Deepdene Care Home

Steve mesmerized the ladies at Deepdene Care Home with his lovely personality, voice and music repertoire, one resident loves to listen to music with his eyes closed, he believes it's the only way...

Matt took us back in time with his great show of 50' and 60' classics. As can be seen, our residents love their entertainment...

Jul 22nd, 2016

Polesden Lacey Trip

The ladies from Deepdene Care Home enjoyed a trip to Polesden Lacey... such beautiful gardens and views.

Jul 15th, 2016

Lunch At The Compasses Inn

Some residents from Deepdene Care Home had lunch in the beautiful surroundings of "The Compasses Inn" in Gomshall. 

Jul 07th, 2016

The Deepdene Care Home Ladies Enjoy Their Bingo

The Deepdene Care Home ladies enjoy their bingo and love to pick out their prizes of either jewellery, chocolates or "nice smellies". Gillian won 2  and Blanche 1 of the games (Betty a consolation prize).  Well done ladies!

Jul 07th, 2016

The David Van Day Duo Performed Some Lovely Golden Oldies

The David Van Day duo performed some lovely golden oldies from days gone by at Deepdene Care Home. Lots of singing along and hand clapping from our residents. Some of the residents had tears in their eyes... they were likely recollecting and remembering special times of the past.

Jul 07th, 2016

Gentleman's Club enjoyed a great meal in "The Pilots Hub"

Deepdene Care Home Gentleman's Club had a lovely day out at Redhill Aerodrome. 

They enjoyed a great meal in "The Pilots Hub" and later watched the planes and helicopters from the outside deck. Only the start of rain made us regretfully return home.

Jul 01st, 2016

Flower Arranging At Deepdene Care Home

The brilliance of the ladies taking part in the flower arranging session at Deepdene Care Home... The results are fabulous ladies... well done!!!!

Jul 01st, 2016

Sunshine, BBQ and Beer at Deepdene Care Home

The residents and their family had a great day celebrating Father's Day at Deepdene Care Home... Sunshine, Barbecue and Beer!!

Jul 01st, 2016

Songs From The Musicals at Deepdene Care Home

Kate sang all the beautiful songs from the musicals..... She also stole the hearts of several male residents.

Please come back soon Kate!!

Jun 21st, 2016

Activities at Deepdene Care Home

The residents of Deepdene Care Home know how to enjoy themselves....

Jun 16th, 2016

Open Day at Deepdene

 Care Home is holding an Open Day On Fri 17th June

Jun 16th, 2016

Fathers Day BBQ at Deepdene

Deepdene Care Home is holding a Fathers Day BBQ on Sunday 19th June

Jun 15th, 2016

Infectious With Their Music

Tennessee country duo are a real class act! They were so infectious with their music that they got the residents to clap their hands and tap their feet enthusiastically to the beat of the great music... Everybody wanted to get up and dance to the music...
Thank you Kelly and Michael it was fabulous!

Jun 14th, 2016

Birthday Wishes at Deepdene

The residents and care staff of Deepdene Care Home raised their glasses to wish our Queen the best of birthday wishes.

Jun 07th, 2016

French Chef Sam Shows Off His Baking Skills

Deepdene Care Home chef Sam (who by the way is French) likes to spoil our residents with his brilliant baking treats. On this occasion he baked yummy cupcakes and Swiss roll and showed the ladies how to decorate them....the carers also lent a hand.....and the male residents joined us later, but not on camera, to taste the goodies of course!!

Jun 07th, 2016

Summer Rays Of Sun

The residents of Deepdene care Home enjoying some warm early summer rays of sun.....while they can!!

The Ladies club enjoyed a picnic and the breathtaking views at Newlands corner......another lovely sunny day!

Jun 06th, 2016

Masks, Bubbly To The Music Of Andre Rieu!

The ladies of Deepdene Care Home donned their masks and sipped bubbly to the strains of the wonderful music of Andre Rieu!

May 25th, 2016

The "Cockney Sparrer" and the "Lady in Red" at Deepdene Care Home

The "Cockney Sparrer" and the residents of Deepdene Care Home enjoyed a lovely afternoon of popular singalongs.....The "Lady in Red" showed the Deepdene residents the art of flamenco dancing. Lots of foot tapping and hand clapping too!  

May 25th, 2016

Elvis Presley was in the building

Elvis Presley serenaded the ladies of Deepdene care centre with his songs. When Elvis left the building he took the hearts of the ladies with him......what a great afternoon of entertainment. 

Apr 11th, 2016

Happy Birthday Joyce

Happy birthday wishes to Joyce at Deepdene Care Home. Family, friends and staff enjoyed her special day with her. 

Charles, one of our carers, kept our residents entertained and our residents dressed for the occasion. Afternoon of fun and drinks was enjoyed.

Apr 01st, 2016

Birthdays at Deepdene Care Centre

Happy birthday wishes to Thomas McGlone at Deepdene Care Centre. Thomas and others tucked into "yummy" birthday cake.

Apr 01st, 2016

Enrique the Mariachi singer

The roof nearly lifted off at Deepdene Care Centre with the brilliance of Enrique the Mariachi singer... the photos tell the whole story... lots of great entertainment and fun!!!

Mar 04th, 2016

Beautiful flower displays at Deepdene Care Home

Our lady residents enjoy the flower arranging sessions. The residents of each floor arrange the flowers for their floor. Lots of fun and happy chatter... later the results are beautiful displays.

Mar 04th, 2016

The Deepdene Eggheads Quiz Team

We are very proud to introduce the "Deepdene care centre eggheads" from Dorking. They are a formidable team and have a great team spirit. We meet every Monday Wednesday and Friday afternoons for an hour of tough questions. Our team consists of 5 men and 2 ladies. 


Feb 22nd, 2016

100th Birthday Celebrations at Deepdene Care Centre

Gladys Deardon recently celebrated her 100th Birthday. She had a lovely party with all her family and friends. Gladys also received a very special Telegram from Her Majesty The Queen congratulating her on her Birthday.

We wish you a very Happy Birthday from everyone at Deepdene Care Centre.

Feb 08th, 2016

British Heart Foundation, Wear Red Day at Deepdene Care Home

Staff and residents at Deepdene Care Home held a ‘Wear it Red’ day on Friday 5th February to support the British Heart Foundations #WearitBeatit.

All monies raised will be donated to the local British Heart Foundation.

Feb 02nd, 2016

Dignity Action Day Deepdene Care Home

Residents and staff at Deepdene Care Home have been celebrating National Dignity Day, which is a national day celebrating dignity for elder persons in care home.

Residents took part in writing ‘What dignity means to me’ leafs for the dignity tree, which is displayed and this will be used when nurses are completing care plans in order to help us understand what dignity mean to each individual resident.

A lovely spread of homemade cake and sandwiches delighted residents and staff and visitors.

A big thank you to all staff and residents who took part in celebrating National Dignity Day.

Jan 21st, 2016

Deepdene Care Home Employee of the Month Awards

Deepdene Care Home held its Employee of the Month awards for December. The awards are given to staff that have gone above and beyond in their care of residents.  It goes without saying that all staff shows dedication and commitment to their residents, so a big thank you and well done to all our staff.

A Very Big Well Done to all three winners... 

Horatiu Camon – Unit Manager  Balmoral Unit

Sindhu Kunjuraman – Care Assistant

Almpina Ramai – Care Assistant

Staff are receiving their award from Home Manager Usha Prasanna.

Jan 13th, 2016

Deepdene Magic at Dorking Care Home

Robbie the magician entertained our residents with his excellent magical show. He interacted very well the residents and they thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humour and taking part in his show. The residents would love to see Robbie again in the near future. A great time was had by all.

Jan 01st, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Deepdene Care Centre

Residents enjoyed a fabulous Christmas Day lunch, with Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce and all the trimmings...including Brussel Sprouts!

All residents received lovely presents, and lots of visits from friends and family. A lovely day was had by all.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year from all at Deepdene Care Centre. 

Dec 18th, 2015

Christmas Carol service by the Dorking Choral Singers

Residents were treated to a lovely Christmas Carol service by the Dorking Choral Singers.

Residents joined in with lots of songs…’Silent Night’ ‘O Holy Night’ to name but a few. Mince pies and Sherry was served afterwards, which made the whole evening very festive.

 Merry Christmas from us all at Deepdene Care Centre 

Dec 17th, 2015

Pet Therapy at Deepdene

Pet Therapy at Deepdene.

Residents were visited by Jasper the Therapy Dog on Friday. Jasper visits the home frequently and gives lots of love and affection to residents.  Residents respond really well to animals in the home, Jasper loves receiving lots of attention and lovely treats from residents.

Dec 10th, 2015

Deepdene Production Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Residents at Deepdene Care Centre were treated to a Christmas production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ recently. The production was by Memory Lane productions.

Residents enjoyed the singing and dancing, as did some of the staff! A good time was had by all.

Dec 10th, 2015

Residents At Deepdene Care Centre Outing To Woodcote Garden Centre

Outing to Woodcote Garden Centre

Residents at Deepdene Care Centre took great delight in visiting the Christmas displays at Woodcote this week.

Residents enjoyed the lovely Christmas trees and displays, which gave them ideas to decorate the home for the Christmas Festivities. Merry Christmas everyone. 

Dec 07th, 2015

The Team At Deepdene Celebrated ‘Wear it Pink’ Day

The team at Deepdene Celebrated ‘Wear it Pink’ day recently, which saw residents and staff dress up in all things pink!  

Fairy wings, tutus and pink wigs were just some of the costumes worn, along with pink cakes which were accompanied by ‘Lily The Pink’ 

The idea behind this was to inject fun into the home and encourage staff to engage positively with each other and residents. Everyone really enjoyed the day…and looking forward to the next colour day!

Nov 27th, 2015

Dementia Joy at Deepdene

Residents at Deepdene Care Centre have been enjoying the newly designed Dementia Unit.

Both residents and staff have enjoyed using the new equipment and surroundings each day to live a meaningful and positive life.

New concepts for the unit include, an indoor garden area, complete with water feature and bird song, an art and craft station and a 1950’s style living room, complete with 1950’s TV and radio; and a new look dining room.

Residents also benefit from the use of dolls and ‘fiddle’ items which help keep busy minds and fingers active.

The aim is to introduce meaningful and positive interaction between residents and staff, giving residents a purpose, with each activity being adapted to individual likes and needs.

There has been a significant decrease in the number of distressed behaviour in residents since the new activity areas have been introduced. Although these concepts do not altogether stop these behaviours, they do help staff to offer distraction techniques to help assist with residents who may becoming distressed.

Dementia training has also started to be rolled out to all staff so they have an understanding to what a meaning and purposeful activity is and increase their understanding of what Dementia is. 

Mar 01st, 2015

Dementia Friends Information Session

Deepdene Care Home in Dorking opens its doors to the community. Deepdene is holding Dementia Friends information sessions on the 26th March. All are welcome.


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